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The New Leader Installation Process

Our New Leader Installation Process serves as a blueprint for a Leader to provide a clear vision, build acceptance, establish credibility and most of all: develop followership in their new team, department or organization.

The New Leader Installation Process:

  • Provides a “road map” for what needs attention in the critical first days/months
  • Gives the leader confidential time with a coach to explore & develop his or her Leadership Message
  • Provides guidelines for planning when & what to communicate
  • Creates a balanced on-going plan for maintaining a strong Leadership Presence

It has been said that “There is no second chance to make a first impression”. Often Leaders moving into a new leadership position are so eager to start “making a difference” that they overlook the delicate and critical “transition phase” that needs to be successfully navigated. If attention to this transition phase is neglected, the new leader can unknowingly create resistance and confusion that can impair productivity and support for years to come. The “transition phase” can be constructively accelerated if the Leader is paying attention to the “right things”. After years of experience, we know what those things are and how to successfully guide leaders through them.

“Leadership is what gives an organization its vision and its ability to translate that vision into reality. Without this translation, a transaction between leaders and followers, there is no organizational heartbeat.”

- Warren Bennis, “Leaders”

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