Amazing New Book

Leaders Don’t Have to Be Superheroes

How to Unmask the Myths and Claim the Real Powers of Leadership
Author and Leadership Consultant/Coach,
Bonnie L. Gallup, MA

“As my coach for years, Bonnie’s guidance has made a lasting impact on my leadership effectiveness. Leaders Don’t Have to Be Superheroes encapsulates the lessons I learned from her. As you go through the chapters, you will find yourself saying, “I can do this!” This entertaining and inspirational guide is a must-read for leaders at all levels.

––Chris Taylor, VP of HR, Tabula, Inc.

Real Leaders. Real Stories. Real Powers. No Superheroes.

Do you think you have to be larger-than-life to be a true leader?

Real leadership is subtler than you think.

Author and Leadership Consultant, Bonnie Gallup has over 35 years of experience working with leaders in top corporations. She’s got stories to tell and 15 Real Powers of Leadership that she’s developed from her work that prove you don’t have to be a Superhero to be a Super Leader. These 15 Real Powers represent what leaders learn after many years of experience––and only if they are paying attention––these are the differences that make the difference between a poor, average or excellent leader. Now you can learn these real powers and start applying them right away.

Leaders Don’t Have to Be Superheroes will:

  • Challenge your existing beliefs about leadership
  • Identify what’s really needed from leaders today
  • Reveal 15 Real Powers of Leadership
  • Provide actionable guidelines for enhancing your leadership credibility and success

Bonnie’s Personal Invitation:

”I want to show you how to unmask your own self-limiting beliefs and to share with you the stories of real leaders who were willing to take an honest look at themselves and become the best leaders they could be. I hope that their stories and what they learned will become a pathway for moving your own leadership in a new and better direction. The world needs good people being good leaders now more than ever––let it begin with you.”