Why does a leader need a coach?

Leaders need coaches to help them keep sight of their vision, goals, leadership role and impact as they navigate today’s rapidly changing, highly volatile business environment.

The executives we work with share a common characteristic: they are all very smart people. What they are often missing is a strategy for stepping off the playing field long enough to consider the big picture, assess their options, evaluate the possibilities or be creative.

Leadership is complicated. Many factors are intangible. Leaders need to build trust and become credible role models. They need to learn when and where to show up with guidance and encouragement and how to inspire, communicate and show respect for the people they lead. All while they are responsible for the more tangible aspects of getting bottom-line results.

Few leaders have a neutral partner to hear their thoughts, and help them sort through their priorities and plans. What they do have are advisors and colleagues who will give them advice and try to influence their decisions.

The leader’s we coach value the committed time to step off the playing field and consider their leadership thinking, behavior & impact. They call it their “personal strategic thinking time”––except it isn’t just for themselves––it has a tremendous impact on their overall effectiveness as a leader.