Why choose Bonnie Gallup & Associates?

In addition to our very successful track record with leaders in top companies, what makes us unique is our holistic approach of developing leadership excellence while retaining the unique voice of each individual leader.

We partner with leaders to:

Clarify their Leadership Message

This is the heart and soul of our coaching. A favorite quote of ours is: A leader doesn’t just get the message across – a leader is the message (Warren Bennis). We coach leaders to know and be conscious of who they are and the impact they are having as a leader––to dig deep and really know what they stand for and articulate it to their organizations. It is essential that leaders be congruent in their thinking, beliefs, actions and words so they truly become “the message” they intend.

“Connect the dots” between negative feedback and what to do about it

Our expertise is in getting a tough message across in a way that leaders can hear it, accept it and be motivated to make the necessary changes. We then coach them through their change process. Our goal is to transform potential career stoppers into minor speed bumps.

Provide “just-in-time” training and consulting on leadership issues

We don’t use a cookie cutter approach. Each leader is different and requires different kinds of support. We pull, on an “as needed” basis, from over 35 years of organizational consulting and leadership development expertise to provide what is needed when it is needed the most. The training and consulting happens during the coaching session and is applied to current real work situations.

Provide a reality check on their effectiveness

With feedback, leaders can check for followership and whether or not their vision and plans are being understood, supported and implemented. We conduct customized interviews and 360 Degree Assessments to give leaders critical feedback data that can often get distorted by organizational politics.

Apply a Systems Approach

Since all leaders function within a system, we often end up working with leaders, their teams and their organizational structure. We have or bring in the resources to address the bigger systems issues.