Women in Leadership

Although those numbers may have changed slightly since 2000, there is still truth in the observation that: For Women in corporations, it can be extremely lonely "at the top."

As a corporate coach & consultant for over 20 years, I have worked with senior women at the VP and Director levels who are often the only woman on the senior staff. They report everything from having their ideas repeatedly “stolen” to feeling like an “outsider”. They each, at some point, began to question their contributions/value since they were not getting the attention they thought their ideas deserved. Women at the senior level are essential. They need support in bringing the perspective only they can bring to the executive table. Although they excel at leadership within their departments, it may be an entirely different story at executive staff meetings.

Working with a coach, a senior woman can:

• clarify her leadership message and presence
• increase her influence with the executive staff
• build strong peer relationships
• prioritize the key issues that need her attention
• maintain balance between the demands of her corporate and personal life
• be supported when so many are depending on her to support them

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