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Bonnie Gallup & Associates



Leadership Consulting & Coaching Services

We design a coaching strategy to meet the specific needs of each individual leader. Our experience has shown that one-size-fits-all programs won’t work for busy leaders who need to focus on the specific roadblocks to their own effectiveness. You will receive a proposed coaching design plan and a cost estimate before coaching begins.

Possible components of a coaching strategy are listed below:

  • Customized 360 Degree Feedback Assessment
  • Additional Assessments (work styles, conflict styles, learning styles, etc)
  • Personal & Organizational Vision & Values Identification
  • Clear Target Goals & Metrics for measuring progress/success
  • Regular Coaching Meetings (in person and by phone)
  • Just-in-time leadership skills training
  • Reading Resources
  • Action Plans & Scorecards
  • Action Learning Scenarios
  • On-site Observations (Shadowing)
  • Assignments between Coaching Meetings
  • Email contact between Coaching Meetings
  • Progress Checks & Surveys
  • Final Assessment
  • On-Going Check-ins

“I have to be honest, when we first started, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of coaching. But if I have to point to one thing that has been the biggest career development for me in all my years with this company, it has to be your coaching. I’m not just saying this either, I really mean it. You provided me with support and strength I needed to find some hidden capabilities through some very difficult situations.”

- VP of Operations-Laser Company

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