We are committed to offering the highest quality service, attention and coaching to those clients who are serious about developing their leadership strength.

 Strategic Performance Coaching Packages

We offer 3 and 6 month Strategic Performance Coaching Packages customized to meet the needs of each leader. These packages are ideal for:

  • Newly promoted leaders
  • Leaders who need to address negative leadership performance feedback
  • Experienced leaders who know they must continue to learn and change

 The New Leader Installation Process

Our New Leader Installation Process serves as a blueprint for Leaders who are acquiring new teams, departments or organizations. It guides them in developing and communicating a clear vision, building acceptance, establishing credibility and most of all: developing followership from day one.

 Women In Leadership

For senior executive women in corporations, it can be extremely "lonely at the top". Some may be the sole female on their executive team. We place a special emphasis in our coaching work on supporting women in leadership roles.

Conflict Resolution

Do you have groups or individuals in your organizations that have reached an impasse in their ability to communicate and work together effectively? Unresolved conflict, covert or overt, is a tremendous drain on productivity and job satisfaction. Waiting for them to "work it out for themselves" may not be your best strategy.

Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are essential, yet how often do people leave meetings wondering about the value of the time spent and the follow-through on decisions made? Bonnie Gallup & Associates assists you in planning; facilitating and creating follow through that will make your meetings value added events. During the meeting, we will work with you as co-leaders or give you the freedom to participate as a group member.



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